Apple Search


In a very professional way, Apple Search & Selection quickly listened to our comments and came up with a list of potential candidates. We had a great communication going, and they sent new candidates every day. We feel we had a very good experience using Apple Search & Selection and they really try to understand the profile of the company also. They were so quick and honest in all aspects of the process. We will indeed use them again, when we see the need in Dubai.



I just wanted to say thanks for all your help in my job search. The help and career advice I received was fantastic and you really took the time to think about me, my experience and my character to try and match me up with the perfect company. I was very impressed with the level of service and contact and felt very secure that you would help me make the correct career choice. I will have no qualms recommending people and clients to your company, as I know that you have the professionalism and commitment that most people are looking for but is actually extremely rare to find! Keep up the excellent work!

As a client.
as the Middle East HR Manager for W.R. Grace, working with Apple Search and Selection for the resourcing of hard to fill roles was a delight, the service was excellent at reasonable cost, consistency with the database of candidates sent, and detailed and knowledgeable of the varied job specs I had. I have no hesitation in endorsing Amanda and her team, or working with them again.



As a candidate, Apple Search & Selection secured me in my current position as HR Manager. During that whole process I felt they were very professional, friendly and really wanted to place me in a company where I would be happy and get the challenges I was looking for in a role. Since joining my company over two years ago, I am now on the other side of the fence and use Apple Search & Selection as my preferred agent. The service received from the team is superb, the team all work with the same values and dedication. It is the little things that make a person and/or company stand out against the rest. Amanda and the team ensure that they get me the right candidate for the role each time and consistently deliver.



Coming from a very strong recruitment background and 10 years in the industry, I have strong views on Recruitment conduct and skills of others. It is very rare indeed to come across a Recruiter who, not only understands Recruitment from a client's business point of view and who can advise within this but whom also performs fundamental career advice with candidates. This level of understanding and skill deserves the title Recruitment Consultant, a title many misuse through mainly lack of experience or corruption over the years. Effortlessly, Apple Search & Selection has been consistently professional, informative and helpful, rare qualities within the Recruitment industry these days. I admire you for offering such a good service and felt the company deserves this very positive feedback.



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